【Must see】 Average yield over 4%? Three attractive, highly recommended high-dividend REITs!


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Many people who start investing focus on dividends and often fail to do so.

This is because many companies are forcing themselves to pay dividends.

By reading this article, you’ll get some tips on optimal asset management!

This is because the REITs I will introduce in this article return the majority of their earnings to their unitholders.

Unlike stocks, they always have the advantage of receiving dividends twice a year.

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Contents of this article
  • Three attractive high-dividend REITs recommended!
  • Major Unitholders of Each REIT

The author has three years of investment experience and has experience in the securities industry.

So let’s take a look at some recommended REITs!


Three recommended high-dividend REITs!

1 Mirai Investment Corporation

投資法人みらいは、三井物産グループとイデラ キャピタルが、互いの異なる分野における強みを連携させることで最大の相乗効果を発揮し、幅広いアセットカテゴリーへの投資・運用を通じて、投資主価値の向上を目指します。

Investment Corporation Mirai (3476) is a REIT with an April/October fiscal year-end and a high yield of over 4%.

The sponsors are Mitsui & Co. and Idera Capital, a Chinese investment company under the Fuxing Group.

It invests mostly in office real estate, mainly in Tokyo, and has a high occupancy rate of over 90%.

As a REIT, you can invest from as low as 50,000 yen, making it a good choice for beginners.

2 Oedo Hot Spring REIT, Inc.


3472 Oedo Hot Spring REIT, Inc. is a REIT with a fiscal year end of May/November, and has a high yield of over 4%.

The sponsor company is the Oedo Onsen Monogatari Group, which owns hot spring facilities all over Japan.

Currently, it has 14 facilities, but some are currently affected by infectious diseases.

However, due to changes in the situation, the occupancy rate is on the rise.

3 Marimo Regional Innovation REIT, Inc.


3470 Marimo Chiiki Sosei Reit Investment Corporation is a REIT with a June/December fiscal year end, and has a high yield of over 5%.

It is sponsored by Marimo Corporation, a real estate company, and invests in diversified real estate in regional areas.

Ltd., a real estate company, as its sponsor, and invests in real estate in a diversified manner in regional areas, with 30% of its portfolio in Kyushu and Okinawa, and a high percentage of its portfolio in residential and commercial properties.

The REIT also has the advantage of maintaining a 90% occupancy rate.

Major Unitholders of Each REIT

1 Investment Corporation Mirai

投資法人みらいは、三井物産グループとイデラ キャピタルが、互いの異なる分野における強みを連携させることで最大の相乗効果を発揮し、幅広いアセットカテゴリーへの投資・運用を通じて、投資主価値の向上を目指します。

Individuals and financial institutions hold 40% each, accounting for 80% of the total number of investment units in Mirai.

Also, in terms of the number of unitholders, individuals account for 97% of the REITs.

Therefore, it has the disadvantage that its stock price is prone to rise and fall depending on bad news and the economy.

2 Oedo Hot Spring Resort Investment Corporation


In terms of the number of units invested in Oedo Onsen REIT, individuals account for 52%, and financial institutions hold 34% of the units.

In terms of the number of unitholders, they account for 98%, so the ups and downs of the stock price could be due to performance and materials.

3 Marimo Regional Innovation REIT, Inc.


Individuals account for 50% of the number of units in Marimo Regional Innovation REIT, Inc.

and 97% of the number of unitholders.

Therefore, the ups and downs of the stock price may be due to performance and materials.


Japan stock
  • Investment Corporation Mirai
  • Oedo Hot Spring REIT, Inc.
  • Marimo Regional Innovation REIT, Inc.

In this article, I introduced attractive high-dividend REITs.

This time, there are REITs that are concentrated in the Tokyo metropolitan area and those that are diversified into regional areas, which I believe will reduce the risks involved in managing assets.

Why not take advantage of the higher yields of REITs than Japanese stocks?

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