About the blogger

Hi, my name is Olivertomo, and I’m the blogger!

I started my wordpress blog in February of 2021.

I’m Japanese and live in Tochigi prefecture, in the Kanto region, which is the same as Tokyo.

I recently left Taiwan on a working holiday, but I’m currently studying every day to go back on a student visa.

My name comes from a combination of a popular Australian name and part of my own name (lol).

My career to date

At university, I studied law systematically and deciphered case law in a copyright seminar.

After that, I worked at securities company where I received the earliest job offer, but left after one year due to various reasons.

Then I studied in Australia and Taiwan, and now I am here.

Blogging experience

I used to write Yahoo blogs and Ameba blogs.

However, I didn’t have any particular goal in mind at the time, so it didn’t last long.

After that, I resumed blogging for the second time on Livedoor Blog.

However, I ran out of topics to write about and had another setback.

Now I’m trying my best for the third time, at my own pace!

Blog themes

I plan to write articles focusing on the themes of Australia, Taiwan, and investment.

I would like to use my experience of studying abroad to introduce things like advance preparation, good restaurants in the area, and recommended tourist spots.

On the subject of investment, I will introduce companies in Japan and the United States that I want people to know about and support.



I have traveled to 10 countries so far.

Every country has its own unique qualities, and I hope that the day when I can travel abroad will come soon.


I like a wide range of music, from Japanese to foreign music.

I listen to a lot of rock and metal music, especially Megadeath, MR.BIG, and Vanhalen.

For Japanese music, I listen to BUMP OF CHIKEN and One Ok Rock.


I like comedy movies the most, like Mr. Bean and Hangover.

I also like The Big Bang Theory, and have watched half of the episodes.


I started exercising a little bit in 2018 when I was studying in Australia.

I have a tendency to gain weight, so I have to exercise.

I can’t help it because I like to eat …


I often watch foreign English study channels and comedies.

It’s great because it has more detailed content than TV.

To my readers

I’m new to blogging on WordPress and I’m learning new things everyday.

Therefore, there are times when the articles are difficult to read or the layout is not good.

However, I intend to grow little by little, so I would appreciate your support!