【satisfaction】 5 Best Ways to Spend a Stress-Free Holiday in Sydney


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I’ve studied abroad in Sydney!

Are you worried about getting the best out of your holiday in Sydney after a long time?

If you’ve lost the freshness of your normal life, there’s a place I’d like to recommend!

In this article, I’m going to suggest five of the best ways to spend your holidays in Sydney.

I’m going to suggest five of the best ways to spend your holidays in Sydney, whether you’re in the city or the suburbs, so please read through to the end.

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  • Five of the best ways to spend your holidays in Sydney

I studied abroad in Sydney for a year starting in 2018. Now I am writing a blog about my experience.

By reading this article, you’ll get to know the best ways to spend your holidays in Sydney!


5 Best Ways to Spend a Holiday in Sydney

1 Enjoy nature in Cronulla

Located an hour away from Sydney city, Cronulla is a charming place with an abundance of nature.

There is a park in front of the station and the beach is just a short walk away, so you can enjoy it.

It’s quieter than the famous Bondi Beach or Manly Beach, so if you don’t like crowds, this is the place for you!

You can relax in the park first and then go to the beach.

Cronulla Park
  • Address: Cronulla NSW 2230 Australia
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

2 Relax at Rose Bay Beach

Rose Bay is a beach on the east side of Sydney with a dense concentration of high-end residential areas.

It’s only 20 minutes away from Circular Quay in Sydney, so it’s easy to get to!

It is very crowded on weekends, but relatively empty on weekdays, so it is a good place to aim for.

Rose Bay Beach
  • Address: New South Wales rose bay beach

3 Enjoy the entertainment at Luna Park

Luna Park Sydney is one of the few theme parks in Sydney and is located near the Harbour Bridge.

Admission is free, and you pay when you ride the rides.

The big face at the entrance is very distinctive, so go for it!

The place is full of seagulls, so watch out for them in the sky.

Luna Park Sydney
  • Address: 1 Olympic Dr, Milsons Point NSW 2061 Australia
  • Opening hours: Open daily at 10:00 a.m. Closed at 6:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday Closed at 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday Closed at 11:00 p.m. Sunday Closed at 9:00 p.m. As of September 2021, opening hours may change.

4 Enjoy Sydney’s scenery at Goat Island

Goat Island | NSW National Parks
Known as Me-mel by the local Cadigal people, Goat Island was once inhabited by Bennelong and Barangaroo. Guided tours ar...

Goat Island is an island that once housed convicts and has remains such as an ammunition depot.

In 1999, it was registered as a heritage site in New South Wales.

The view of Sydney from the island is very beautiful and will give you a new perspective on the city.

It is convenient to get off the Barangaroo ferry at the balmain east wharf and take a cab.

Goat Island
  • Address: 18 Clifton St, Balmain East NSW 2041 Australia

5 Timezone Haymarket

Timezone Arcade – The Best Family Fun Entertainment Centre
Timezone is the best entertainment centre for the whole family. From Arcade Games and Bowling to Laser Tag and Bumper Ca...

Timezone Haymarket is an amusement facility located in Sydney’s Haymarket.

You can play a variety of games, so everyone from kids to adults can have fun!

It is easily accessible, so it is a place you can easily go to.

It’s a great place to go when you want to play with a big group of people!

Timezone Haymarket
  • Address: 9-13 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000 Australia
  • Opening hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm daily


Australia Sydney
  • If you like nature, relax at the beach
  • If you want to enjoy attractions, go to Luna Park
  • If you want to enjoy games, go to Time Zone

There you have it, five of the best ways to spend your holidays in Sydney!

Stay tuned as I continue to publish more information about Australia.

Thank you for reading to the end!