I bought the JLAB JBUDS AIR True Wireless with Bluetooth, and I would like to review it!


Hello everyone! This is Olivertomo.

While I was studying abroad in Kaohsiung, my earphones suddenly broke …

So I’d like to explain which store I bought the new earphones from and whether the new earphones are easy to use.

This is my very first review post, so I’m very excited!

  • I am planning to buy an electronic device.
  • I want to store at a safe store.
  • I’m planning to study in Taiwan.

If you are one of these people, please read through this article.

Contents of this article

Condition of the faulty earphones
Where to buy in Kaohsiung
Thoughts on the new earphones

Experienced a year-long working holiday in Kaohsiung.
Still learning the language.


Condition of the broken earphones

ear phone

ear phone

I bought a pair of Bluetooth earphones called “sound peats” online, but they suddenly cracked and I had to replace them.

I was just about to buy a new pair of earphones, so I thought it was a good timing for it to break.

I was not particular about earphones myself, but I decided to buy a well-known brand this time.

I decided to buy a well-known brand because cheap ones break easily.

I decided to look into various brands because I thought it would be better to buy something that I would use often.

One of the things I found was an American brand called JLAB!

I had seen it before, and the price was affordable, so I decided to buy it.

Where to buy in Kaohsiung

I had no idea where to buy electronics in Taiwan or Kaohsiung, so I decided to go to Carrefour.

However, they didn’t have anything that I wanted, so I walked around the city and found a store called StudioA!

I liked the appearance so I went in.

Inside the store, there were the latest electronic devices, including cell phones and earphones.

I found what I was looking for in there!

The design was good, so I decided immediately

STUDIO A - Apple Premium Reseller

Thoughts on the new earphones

ear phone

ear phone


ear phone

  • Easy to charge
  • Comes with a cable
  • Three different sound quality changes available



  • Case gets dirty easily
  • material is normal
  • Color is monochromatic


I’ve reviewed the JLAB JBUDSAIR True Wireless!

If you care about sound quality, I highly recommend it!