【real experience】 The best sound insulation in the world? 5 reasons to buy Silencia!


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife, and I’ve recently been plagued by noise!

There’s a new problem with the worldwide increase in remote work, isn’t there?

In fact, I think the noise problem is an inevitable issue for people who work from home.

I faced this problem too, but it was solved by some earplugs.

This time, I’d like to review a highly functional pair of silencers that can cut out all the noise around you!

If you have trouble sleeping due to noise, this is a must-have!

Recommended for
  • People who are looking for noise-resistant earplugs.
  • Want to buy earplugs that are recommended for sleeping
  • Don’t want to make a mistake when choosing earplugs online.

Contents of this article
  • What is Silencia?
  • 5 Reasons Why I Recommend Silencia!
  • Types of Silencia
  • My impressions after six months of actual use
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Silencia

By reading this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about Silencia earplugs!


What is Silencia?

長年愛され続けている信頼と品質の耳せん サイレンシア®
長年愛され続けている信頼と品質の耳せん サイレンシア®

Silencia earplugs are sold by DKSH Japan, which was established in 1965.

They are well known and highly regarded earplugs in Japan.

Although these earplugs are manufactured in Sweden and the United States, the quality of these products has been checked in Japan, so they are reliable products.

They have also won awards in the quality and sleep category in internet surveys in Japan.

Five reasons why I recommend Silencia!

ear plugs recommend

1 A track record of over 30 years of dealing with earplugs

In the late 1980s, hard earplugs were the mainstream in Japan, but since our establishment, we have been importing and selling soft earplugs developed in the United States.

Since our establishment, we have been importing and selling soft earplugs developed in the U.S. Our thoroughness in safety and quality control has earned us a high reputation even today.

2 Two quality checks

In order to maintain safe and high quality products, Silencia conducts two quality checks.

First, products that have passed the standards in the US and Sweden are sent to Japan.

After that, only products that have passed strict quality inspections in Japan are sold as products.

3 You can choose the size that fits your individual ears

Silencia focuses on the different shapes and sizes of ears of each individual.

Ear holes also differ from individual to individual, so if the size is not right, the ear may hurt or be uncomfortable.

Also, if it is not the right size, it will not provide enough sound insulation.

However, Silencia comes in regular and small sizes, so anyone can choose the earplugs that fit them best.

4 Sound insulation with a good fit

The way the earplugs are fitted can make a big difference in sound insulation.

If the earplugs have a thin tip to begin with, they may not be able to block out sound.

However, silencers are effective because they can be rolled up and go deep into the ear, slowly regaining their size.

It has a sound insulation value of 32db, one of the highest among earplugs, and can cut out annoying noises.

5 You’ll forget you’re wearing them

The polyurethane foam is made into an even and fine sponge for a soft and comfortable fit.

Ordinary earplugs can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, but Silencia can reduce the burden on your ears.

Types of Silencia

1 Soundproof Silencia

遮音(防音)シリーズ | 製品情報 | サイレンシア®の耳せん

Designed to block out harmful high-frequency sounds, while allowing low-frequency sounds such as human voices to be heard.

The 80db sound of a typical train can be suppressed to less than 50db with this product.

It can be used in a wide range of situations such as sleeping, remote work, and commuting to school

2 For waterproof

防水シリーズ | 製品情報 | サイレンシア®の耳せん

These earplugs are strong enough for swimming and showering situations, and have a four-stage structure to prevent water from entering the ear.

There are also products for adults and children, so anyone can easily use them.

Silicone earplugs are also recommended for marine sports.

3 For airplanes

飛行機用シリーズ| 製品情報 | サイレンシア®の耳せん
快適な旅行の必需品 乗り物でのストレスを軽減する飛行機用耳栓。耳せん内部に気圧変化を緩やかにする調整機能がついていることで、飛行機内での気圧変動によって起こる鼓膜や耳の痛み・不快感を軽減します。

Have you ever experienced pain in your ears when taking off and landing on an airplane due to fluctuations in air pressure?

Silencia Flight Air is recommended for such situations.

It has a function to adjust the air pressure, so you can reduce the burden on your ears.

It is also great that it can be used repeatedly.

4 Amenities

アメニティ| 製品情報 | サイレンシア®の耳せん

These silencers are designed for accommodations and offices.

It has become a recommended product for businesses that want to provide the same quality in a simplified manner.

It also has the advantage of solving noise problems from the corporate side in noisy hotels and work situations.

My impressions after using it for 6 months

Silencia review recommend
Silencia ear plugs recommend
silencia ear plug recommend

First of all, the reason why I bought Silencia Regular is because I was suffering from severe noise damage from crows.

There is a big tree in the neighborhood and the early morning cawing of the crows was very annoying and unbearable.

I was also dismayed by the poor response of the city government, and that’s when I arrived at Silencia.

I had used it once before when I took a night bus, and I bought it again.

Since using the Silencia, the crow cawing has been suppressed and my early morning awakenings have improved!

I also find it useful when working at home, as it reduces the noise.

Advantages and disadvantages of Silencia

silencia merit demerit

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages I have found after using it for six months.


As I explained, it is great for concentrating on things or sleeping since it provides good sound insulation and prevents you from hearing external sounds.

The fit is also better than other earplugs, and once you buy this product, you will never go back to the others.

They are easy to put on, so I think anyone can easily use them.


Depending on the condition of your ears, they may become difficult to curl up after about a month.

I use these earplugs every day, so if you use them frequently, they may wear out easily.

For this reason, I always buy the 10 pair pack.

They’re cheaper than single packs, which I highly recommend!

Other than the wear and tear from use, this was the best purchase I’ve ever made, as there are only advantages.


ear plug recommend comfort
  • Strict quality inspection for peace of mind
  • High noise level and great fit
  • Can be hard to curl up with frequency of use

That’s my review on Silencia!

If you are troubled by the noise around you, why don’t you try to buy this product and have a comfortable life?

With Silencia, all your worries about choosing earplugs can be solved!

I am happy to help as many people as possible with their noise problems.

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