Nice to meet you!


Hello, nice to meet you all. I’m Olivertomo!

As you can see in my profile, I had a working holiday experience in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

I’ve traveled to Taiwan 7 times before that, and it’s a country I’m very familiar with.

I will explain in detail my experience from how I first learned about Taiwan to the present.


Why do I send out information about Taiwan?

Kaohsiung city

One of the reasons is that when I was preparing for my working holiday, local information was scattered all over the place and very hard to find.

In fact, I have had experiences where I was unprepared for how to dispose of garbage and find a house.

I would like to see such experiences decrease as much as possible, so I thought that I, as someone who has lived in Taiwan, should provide information to everyone.

Encounter with Taiwan

I was in my third year of college, and at that time, I and others were in the final stages of job hunting.

I was freed from my hectic life and started to talk about traveling abroad with my friends.

One day, out of the blue, I heard from a friend who had gone on a trip to Taiwan that it was very good.

That was the first time I became interest about Taiwan.

Before that, I had only heard of Taiwan by name and knew almost nothing about it.

My First Trip to Taiwan

I made my first trip to Taiwan in December 2016.

The first place I went was Taipei, and at that time, I took a bus from the airport in Taoyuan to the city.

Now that the subway system has been built, it is very convenient and helpful.

I still vividly remember the deliciousness of the first dumplings I ate in Taiwan.

There were times when I got lost during my trip.

I couldn’t speak Chinese at the time, so I had to use the minimum amount of English to get help from the people on the street.

I was so impressed by their kindness, the scenery of the city, and the delicious food.

It was only a short trip of three days and two nights, but I got to enjoy my first time in Taiwan to the fullest!

Traveling to Taiwan for the second time and beyond

I took a trip to another city using a bullet train ticket for foreigners.

I went to Taichung, famous for the Miyahara Ophthalmology Department, Tainan, famous for the Confucius Hall, and Kaohsiung, famous for the Pier-2.

The food and culture differed from place to place, so I was happy to have a fresh experience in each place.

My wish for a working holiday

I experienced a one-year working holiday from February 2020.

The place I chose was Kaohsiung City.

I chose Kaohsiung City because the prices are cheaper and time seems to flow more slowly here than in Taipei.

There is also a subway system, so even though I can’t ride a motorbike, I could still live here lol

Before I came to Taiwan, I studied Chinese on my own, but I couldn’t keep up with the classes at school and the first week was hell.

The first week was hell, and I had a lot of conflicts because I couldn’t speak the language even if I wanted to.

The more I participated in the classes, the more I could speak the language and the more confident I became!

I also had a part-time job in Kaohsiung, and my understanding of Taiwan has deepened more than ever before.


Kaohsiung ocean

I’ll be introducing a variety of useful information about Taiwan and stores that I’d like to recommend, so please stay tuned!