A list of things you need to bring to 【study in Taiwan】. Also covers studying in Kaohsiung


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I’ve studied abroad in Kaohsiung!

I have some information that I would like you to know if you are planning to study abroad in Taiwan.

You may know what you need to bring with you, but if you don’t have any of them, you may end up in a bad situation…

So, I’ve created a list of things you need to bring with you to study in Taiwan or Kaohsiung!

I hope you find it useful in your preparations.

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Contents of this article
  • What you must bring with you to study in Taiwan
  • Things that are useful to have when studying in Taiwan
  • Things I wish I had brought to Kaohsiung
  • Things I wish I hadn’t brought with me to study in Taiwan

I have been on a working holiday in Kaohsiung for one year since February 2020. I am currently writing a blog based on that experience.

By reading this article, you’ll know what you need to bring to study abroad in Taiwan!


Things you must bring with you to study in Taiwan

Taiwan study abroad item

1 Passport and photocopy

You will need this when you enter the country, so don’t forget it.

Don’t forget to check the expiration date of your passport.

Some people run out of time on the morning of their departure day and realize they forgot their passport at the airport, so make sure you check it the day before!

A copy of your passport may also be used to register your bank account or personal number in Taiwan, so it is useful to make three copies.

2 Credit/Debit Cards

Although cash is still highly accepted in Taiwan, there are many stores that accept credit and debit cards, so be sure to bring them with you.

However, be careful when using credit cards, as they can be subject to fraudulent use.

3 Important documents and copies

Keep all the documents necessary for studying abroad, such as your overseas insurance and school acceptance letter, together in an easily understandable place.

You want to keep your overseas insurance in a place where you can easily find it in case you get sick.

I also kept it in a desk drawer in my room so I could use it immediately in case of emergency.

4 Identification other than your passport

Most of the time, you can prove your identity with your passport, but sometimes you will need different identification, so bring your driver’s license, student ID, etc.

5 Smart Phone

You will need your smartphone in your daily life, so you will want to bring it with you.

If your phone has a SIM lock, you will not be able to use your SIM overseas, so make sure to unlock it beforehand.

6 Computer/USB flash drive

This is useful when you have to write or give a presentation for a school project.

Also, local computers have different keyboard standards, so it may be difficult to use.

It is useful to have one, even a small one.

A USB flash drive is also useful when you have to bring assignments from home.

7 Folding umbrella

It often rains suddenly in Taiwan, so there are many opportunities to use an umbrella.

You can buy umbrellas locally, but they are of poor quality and break easily, so it is better to buy one beforehand.

The rain in Taiwan is very strong, so it is best to buy a folding umbrella with high durability.

Things that are useful to have when studying in Taiwan

Taiwan study abroad item

1 Cold medicine

It is easy to catch a cold in Taiwan due to changes in the air and temperature, so it is a good idea to bring cold medicine with you.

You can buy them locally, but they may not be suitable for your constitution, so it is recommended to buy them in advance.

2 Nail clippers

You can buy them in Taiwan, but they may not be of good quality, so it is better to bring the ones you usually use.

3 Winter jacket

In Taiwan, there is a big difference in temperature between winter and summer, so it is a good idea to bring a winter jacket.

It’s a good idea to have one with you so you don’t have to worry if you don’t use it.

4 Sunscreen

The sun in Taiwan is very strong and it is easy to get sunburned.

For this reason, it is recommended to always wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

5 Sandals

Summer in Taiwan is very hot, and many people wear sandals.

If it is too hot to wear shoes, it is recommended to wear sandals.

6 Eco bags

Many stores in Taiwan charge for bags, so be sure to bring an eco-bag with you.

They are always useful for everyday shopping, as there are many situations where you can use them.

If you do not have enough bags, IKEA shopping bags are large and recommended.

Things I should have brought with me to Kaohsiung

Taiwan study abroad item

1 Sunglasses

Kaohsiung is one of the hottest cities in Taiwan, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays are very strong.

The sun often made my eyes tired, so I bought a pair of sunglasses locally.

I recommend that you take them with you to protect your eyesight.

2 Hats

Kaohsiung is a place where it is like summer all year round, so the sun is very strong.

It can be quite hot to touch your head without a hat, so I bought a hat there.

Since the head is an important part of the body, protecting these parts can help prevent heat stroke, so I recommend it.

3 Etiquette cutter

The air quality in Kaohsiung is particularly bad, even in Taiwan, and it is said that this may be the reason why nose hairs tend to grow quickly.

This is a tool that you should bring with you so that you don’t have a bad influence on others.

Things I wish I hadn’t brought with me to study in Taiwan

Taiwan study abroad item

1 Reference books

School textbooks are sufficient, so there is no problem if you don’t bring any reference books.

I brought a reference book with me to Taiwan, but I didn’t use it at all.

2 Transformers

Taiwan and Japan have the same voltage, so you don’t need a transformer.

However, if you are planning to travel from Taiwan to other countries, it may be useful to have one.

3 Swimming suit

There are beaches in Taiwan, but I don’t think you will use them since you won’t have much chance to go there.

You can buy one locally, so don’t worry about it.

4 Electronic dictionary

If you have a smartphone that has this function, you should be fine.

If you are really worried about it, you can bring it with you, but you probably won’t use it.


Taiwan study abroad
  • Let’s prepare your luggage with room to spare.
  • Decide what you need and what you don’t!
  • The day before departure, rest early.

I introduced the list of things you need to bring to study in Taiwan!

I wish you all a fulfilling study abroad experience in Taiwan.

I will continue to send out information about Taiwan in the future, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for reading to the end!