Is there Amazon in Taiwan? Let me tell you about some of the most famous online stores!


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I’ve studied abroad in Kaohsiung!

When you live in Taiwan, don’t you sometimes want to use an online store?

I’ve been living in Taiwan for a while now, and I’ve looked up some of the most famous online stores in Taiwan!

If you’re planning to visit Taiwan in the future, this is a must-see!

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Contents of this article
  • Is there Amazon in Taiwan?
  • Top 10 online stores in Taiwan
  • My personal recommendations for online stores

Experienced a working holiday in Kaohsiung for a year from February 2020. Currently, I am writing a blog based on that experience.

By reading this post, you’ll get to know about online stores in Taiwan!


Is there an Amazon in Taiwan?

Shopping Taiwan

As it turns out, there is no Amazon in Taiwan, but there are many other useful online stores.

Each one has its own special features, so some people seem to use them differently.

There is a wide range of online stores, from those specializing in cosmetics to those specializing in household goods.

Let’s take a look at some of the major online stores.

Top 10 Internet Shops in Taiwan

Taiwan Shopping

10 dongsan Shopping

This is an online store that sells a lot of cosmetics, and offers 20% discount sales on an irregular basis.

It also has a dedicated TV channel and a 24-hour shipping service.

It seems that 3 million people visit the site every month.

donsan shopping

9 Pcone Pine Fruit Purchases

This is a new website for smart phones.

It offers various services such as discounts on products and shipping, so you can shop easily.

It mainly deals with household goods.

Pcone Pine Fruit Purchases

8 Shenghuo shopping

This is a site where you can buy carefully selected products every day.

It features good stuff at cheap prices, and once you use it, you’re bound to get hooked!

Shenghuo shopping

7 Rakuten Taiwan Rakuten Market Shopping Network

Rakuten, which is also found in Japan, also provides services in Taiwan.

You can also buy Japanese products, cosmetics, and selected products at discounted prices.

You can also earn points, so if you use the same site, I recommend it.

Rakuten Taiwan Rakuten Market Shopping Network

6 Bukelai

This site features over a million books available for purchase online.

You can also buy stationery, cosmetics, clothes, and more.

I recommend this site if you are looking to buy books.


5 Yahoo Chi Ma Pingtai

Yahoo, which also has a website in Japan, operates a website in Taiwan as well.

It sells 100,000 products and offers 24/7 service.

You can buy brand-name goods, food, electronics, and many other products.

Yahoo Chi Ma Pingtai

4 Open-air auction

This site is affiliated with the world-famous eBay and launched its service in 2018.

It has a whopping 400 million products!

And it is also the site with the largest number of members in Taiwan.

And it seems to be an AI-based e-commerce site!

Open-air auction

3 MOMO Shopping Platform

This site offers a wide variety of products such as clothing, cosmetics, and electronics!

It is well known in Taiwan, and has a 12-hour delivery service.

They also have occasional discount sales, so take advantage of them.

MOMO Shopping Platform

2 Home Shopping Platform

This is one of the most influential sites in Taiwan.

It has over 300 million products and services.

24-hour delivery service is also available. Home Shopping Platform

1 Shopee Purchase

This is the most used site in Taiwan and also serves Southeast Asia.

You can buy a wide range of products such as clothes, cosmetics, and electronics.

They even have discount sales from time to time!

Shopee Purchase

Personally recommended online stores

Taiwan Internet

The site I would personally recommend is MOMO.

I personally recommend MOMO because it’s a unique Taiwanese site.

Other sites have sites from other countries, so I don’t really trust them.

In fact, I used to buy my protein from MOMO a lot, so I have some shopping experience.

I used to use it a lot because it was so convenient, getting my stuff delivered within a day of placing my order!

It was also easy to contact them for redelivery, so I think it’s an easy site for foreigners to use.


Taiwan Shopping
  • Shopee is the most popular site in Taiwan.
  • Personally, I recommend MOMO.
  • It’s good to use different ones depending on your shopping needs.

This is an introduction to online stores in Taiwan!

We will continue to provide information on Taiwan, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for reading to the end!