[June 2021] Mitsui & Co. has received the year-end dividend for the 102nd term! Also introduced Shareholder News Letter


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife, and I love investing and shareholder special offers!

The year-end dividend for the 102nd fiscal year from Mitsui & Co. has been received, and I would like to introduce its contents.

It is a high-dividend stock and has been trading at a high level since the beginning of the year, so I would like to discuss its future prospects.

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Contents of this article
  • What is Mitsui’s year-end dividend?
  • What is the content of the shareholder newsletter?
  • What is Mitsui’s future stock price?

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By reading this article, you’ll get to know about Mitsui’s dividends!

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What is Mitsui’s year-end dividend?


The year-end dividend for the 102nd fiscal year was 45 yen per share.

I hold 100 shares, so I received a dividend of 4,500 yen.

The dividend has been increased by 5 yen since the previous 101st term.

We are also planning to increase the dividend by 5 yen for the next fiscal year, resulting in a forecast of 90 yen per share for the full year.


The dividend payout ratio, which indicates the percentage of dividends paid out in the most recent fiscal year, is in the 40% range, which is probably a little higher than the average for all listed companies.

What is the content of the shareholder newsletter?

The summer issue of the shareholder newsletter was enclosed, so let’s take a look at what’s inside!


First there was an interview with the new President and CEO who took office on 4/1/2021.

It described the company’s policies in the midst of the impact of Corona.


The graph of net income shows a decrease in revenue from the previous fiscal year, but it is expected to increase in the next fiscal year.

You can also see other pictures of Mitsui’s performance in the current fiscal year.


They also introduced their new investment, a digital marketing company called Tastemade!


This company was founded in the U.S. and is currently operating in 8 countries around the world. The main focus of their business is on food and travel themed video distribution services, and they have over 300 million monthly users around the world.

This service will gradually penetrate the market in Japan.

What do you think of Mitsui’s stock price in the future?

Personally, I think it will continue to rise.

As many of you know, Mitsui’s stock price is at a high level in the 10-year chart.

In this context, whether it will continue to rise or fall will depend on what happens in the US.

Since Warren Buffett, the world-famous investment god, has been buying Japanese trading company stocks, I believe that price declines will be limited.

However, since high-speed traders and AI are participating in trading, it is better to take a long-term position.

I think that would also have the advantage of earning dividends in the long term.


  • Year-end dividend for the 102nd term increased by 5 yen.
  • Expectations for tastemade services
  • Mitsui’s stock price is at a high level.

This is a summary of Mitsui’s dividends!

We will continue to introduce Japanese companies in the future, so please stay tuned.

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