【Free】 A simple 3-step guide to the ROC Unification Certificate List, useful for living in Taiwan!


Hello everyone! I’m @olivertomolife, back from studying abroad in Kaohsiung!

If you’re planning to stay in Taiwan for a long time, you’ll need to get a variety of certificates.

I’m going to write about ROC Unification Certificate!

Recommended for those who
  • You are planning to stay in Taiwan for a long time.
  • You are planning to rent a room in Taiwan.
  • Those who are planning to open a bank account or sign up for a Sim Card in Taiwan.

Contents of this article
  • What is the ROC Unified Certificate of Eligibility?
  • How to get one in Kaohsiung in 3 steps
  • 1 Prepare the necessary documents
  • 2 Where to Apply
  • 3 Reception Procedure

I experienced a working holiday in Kaohsiung for one year from February 2020. I am currently writing a blog based on that experience.

By reading this article, you’ll learn about the ROC Unified Certificate of Eligibility!


What is the ROC Unified Certificate List?

The ROC Identity Card
It’s my ROC ID Certificate

The R.O.C. Identity Card is like a My Number card that gives you an ID number.

Anyone can get one for free, so if you often visit or study in Taiwan, I recommend you get one!

This certificate is a single sheet of A4 paper, so be sure to keep it in a safe place.

You can also use the memo function on your phone to write down the number.

How to get the certificate in Kaohsiung in 3 steps

Kaohsiung city
Expresses that it can be acquired at the speed of light.

1 Prepare the necessary documents

First of all, you need to prepare the original and a copy of your passport.

You can get a copy at a convenience store.

If you don’t know how, don’t worry, the staff at the store will show you how to make a copy.

If you are still unsure about your Chinese, you can write down “我想辦中国民国統一證號基資表” to make it easier.

2 Application Location

You can apply at the Kaohsiung City First Service Station of the Immigration Office.

Please note that the office is only open on weekdays.

The application location is about a 10-minute walk from Exit 3 of the Martial Arts Stadium MRT station.

Detailed information is provided below.

Kaohsiung City First Service Station, Immigration Office
  • Access: 10-minute walk from MRT Martial Arts Stadium Station (Exit 3)
  • Address: 5/F, No. 6, Zhengnan Street, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, 802 Taiwan
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Closed: Saturday and Sunday

3 Reception Procedure

When you arrive at your destination, you will see two large buildings, so go to the fifth floor of the building on the far side.

There is an information desk at the entrance, so show the desk clerk the memo you prepared in advance.

The guide is very kind, so if you have any questions, they will help you out!

After that, you will be shown where the forms are located, and you can take one and write down the necessary information.

I will be guided to a place where you can fill out a form.

  • Name in English
  • Name in Chinese
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Address in Taiwan (hotel address is acceptable)
  • Telephone number (accommodation number is also acceptable)
  • Purpose of application (check open door)
  • Date of application
  • Applicant’s name

Check each of these items one by one as you write.

When you have finished filling out the form, take a number from the ticket machine, and when your number comes up on the screen, go to the reception desk.

Give the receptionist your passport, a copy of your passport, and the paper you just wrote on, and you will be issued your ticket in a few minutes.

Good job getting it!


Kaohsiung city

  • Convenient to have to open a bank or sign a room contract
  • Can be issued for free.
  • If you are staying for a long time, it is a certificate you want to keep.

This is a summary of the ROC Unified Certificate Table!

It is easy to obtain, so please try to use it.

I’ll be posting more information about Taiwan in the future, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for reading to the end!