【high dividend】 Is Now the Best Time to Buy? An analysis of the three major trading companies, Mitsubishi Corporation!


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Mitsubishi Corporation is a huge company with offices in 90 countries around the world and a consolidated workforce of more than 80,000 employees.

In this article, I’d like to introduce the company, focusing on the stock price forecast of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Incidentally, LAWSON and ITO HAM are also known as affiliated companies.

You may find that some of the companies you are familiar with are also related to Mitsubishi Corporation.

Dividends are also high, so if you are just starting out, this is a must-see!

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Contents of this article
  • Mitsubishi Corporation’s stock price forecast
  • What is Mitsubishi Corporation?
  • Company’s Business
  • Company Indicators
  • Dividend History
  • Personal Viewpoint
  • Three Recommended Inclusion Investments

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By reading this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about Mitsubishi Corporation!


Mitsubishi Corporation Stock Price Forecast

stock chart Japan

My personal prediction for the future is that the stock price will continue to move higher.

Because I believe that the company will be able to improve its performance by using the company’s funds that were not used due to infectious diseases.

When there is a short-term decline, why not try to make a surprise purchase?

Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the largest companies in Japan and has high earning power, so I think we can expect further earnings.

There will be a temporary adjustment in the stock price, but in the long term, it will continue to go up.

If we look at the stock price over the next five years until 2021, there will be a big drop in May 2017 and July 2020.

From this point of view, we can expect that there is a possibility of a decline every three years for some reason.

The global economy is moving so fast that we need to accept that the stock price will be affected.

What is Mitsubishi Corporation?

Mitsubishi Japan stock

The origins of Mitsubishi Corporation date back to the Meiji era (1868-1912) and the company was created by its founder, Yataro Iwasaki.

After World War II, the company was dismantled by the U.S. GHQ into 174 separate companies, but was revived as Mitsubishi Corporation in 1954.

Initially, the company focused on trade intermediation, but since 1970, it has expanded its operations to include resource development, food products, and convenience store operations.

With nine domestic offices and 116 overseas offices, the company is known worldwide as a global company.

Company Businesses

Japan mitsubishi

There are 10 businesses in total, and the top four businesses with the highest percentage of sales will be explained here.

Please make use of the company’s website as well.

Automobile Mobility Group

The Automotive Mobility Group boasts the highest sales in MC.

It is a high scale business that accounts for about 40% of the company’s total sales.

It handles everything from sales to after-sales service for passenger cars and commercial vehicles through overseas local production.

We sell Mitsubishi Motors and Isuzu Motors around the world, and our strength lies in our ability to respond to the needs of each region.

Our first overseas foray was in Thailand, where we began importing and selling Isuzu Motors locally in 1957.

Recently, we have also entered the Indian market, where growth is accelerating.

Petrochemicals and Solutions Group

In this business, which is the second largest in terms of sales, we manufacture and trade petroleum products such as crude oil with the aim of achieving stable trade in fuels and chemical materials.

We are also engaged in the production of fuel ammonia, a next-generation fuel, and recycled environmental materials.

In the crude oil business, we have invested in Saudi Arabia’s SHARQ, which is one of the world’s largest producers.

Integrated Materials Group

The third largest business in terms of sales, this group engages in sales transactions and development of steel products and cement for automobiles and infrastructure.

In the materials field, we are working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through the use of concrete.

Metal Resources Group

The fourth largest business in terms of sales, the Mineral & Metal Resources Group engages in business management from development to trading of coal and iron ore.

The Mineral & Metal Resources Group invests in the development of coal, copper, and other resources in Australia, Chile, and other South American countries.

We are strengthening our business base by providing a stable supply of metal resources for which demand is expected to grow in emerging countries.

Corporate Indicators

Mitsubishi stock

The following is a summary of Mitsubishi Corporation’s main indices.

PERPBRDividend yieldPayout ratioMarket capitalization
13.7x0.9x3.79%2021/3 114.7%2nd

Trading companies are said to be undervalued stocks because it is difficult to predict their performance.

Mitsubishi Corporation, with its top dividend and market capitalization, has a strong presence.

Trends in dividends

Mitsubishi dividend

The dividend has been increasing stably.

In addition, from 2019 to 2021, the company has implemented a progressive dividend under its medium-term management plan.

This dividend policy allows us to increase dividends in a flexible manner.

It will be interesting to see if there will be more policies like this in the future.

Personal Viewpoint

Although it now ranks second in terms of market capitalization, this trading giant once held the top spot.

In terms of stock price, it fell sharply due to the pandemic, but is now on the road to recovery.

However, since trading company stocks are an industry that is not easily evaluated by the market, price movements can be difficult.

Three recommended investments for inclusion

Investment trusts are recommended for beginners who have just started investing.

You can start with a low amount and diversify your investments, which makes it easy to start asset management.

I have selected a once-a-year investment trust that incorporates MC for your reference.

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Mitsubishi stock
  • Strong in steel and energy
  • Broad business development
  • Aggressive overseas business development

I have analyzed Mitsubishi Corporation!

Investing is your own responsibility. Make your own final decision after referring to a variety of opinions.

I will continue to provide useful information for investment, so please stay tuned.

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