When is the best time to buy Nagase & Co. And what about the stock price and dividends?


Hello everyone. This is Olivertomo!

The reason I started investing in stocks was because I was interested in shareholder benefits.

Recently, more and more people are starting to invest in stocks regardless of their age.

The company I’m going to introduce this time, Nagase & Co., is a trading company specializing in science, with offices in Japan and abroad!

Let me explain about the company and when to buy.

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Contents of this article
  • When is the best time to buy Nagase?
  • How does the stock price move?
  • Dividends and indices
  • Shareholder benefits
  • Investment trusts
  • About Nagase & Co.
  • Company’s Business
  • Strengths of the Company

I have three years of investment experience and have experience in the securities industry.

By reading this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about Nagase!


When is the best time to buy Nagase & Co.

thinking stock

In conclusion, I think now is the time to buy Nagase.

The reason is that the company has been increasing its dividend and recently announced the expansion of its shareholder benefits.

However, I believe that the best time to buy is now, when the stock price is falling due to the negative perception.

I also think it is a stock that is suitable for long-term investment.

How is the stock price moving?

stock market

The stock price plummeted due to the 2020 infection, but has since returned to 2018 levels with a high of 1862 yen.

However, the stock price dropped 200 yen after the change in shareholder benefits, and the current rate of increase since March 2021 has been poor.

The reason for the bad short selling by foreign investors is probably the most influential factor.

Dividends and indices

indicator dividend

As of 5/28/2021, the PER is 11.1x PBR is 0.61x and the dividend yield is 2.95%.

The dividend payout ratio is in the 30% range, which is well balanced.

Shareholder Benefits

Residents of Japan only, who hold at least 100 shares for at least six months get a 1500 yen catalog gift, and those who hold at least three years get a 3000 yen catalog gift!

And if you hold 300 shares for 3 years, you can get a 10000 yen catalog gift.

There are so many different products, you’re bound to find something you want!

Investment trusts for inclusion

For those who are worried about buying stocks out of the blue, I would like to recommend investment trusts.

Investment trusts can be started with a small amount of money, so even beginners can start without worry.

I have selected investment trusts for inclusion at my own discretion, so please refer to them for your reference.

Tokyo Marine Asset Management Tokyo Marine Selection Japan Equity TOPIX

Mitsubishi UFJ International Investment Trust Fund Manager (Domestic Equity)

Asset Management One One DC Domestic Stock Index Fund

About Nagase & Co.

chemical Japanese stock

The company was founded in 1832 by a man named Denbei Nagase, and has a history of more than 100 years.

That they have been importing dyestuffs from overseas since that time is astounding!

Another feature of the company is that it has been managed by the founding family from its inception to the present.

The company’s businesses

chemical Japanese stock

There are 14 major business segments.

1 Functional Chemicals Division

Utilizing manufacturing and R&D within the group, we provide petrochemical products along with a variety of services on an international basis.

It consists of two businesses, Coatings & Inks and Urethane Materials, and is highly recognized by the market as a pioneer in each industry.

2 Specialty Chemicals Division

We have established business with more than 2,000 customers and handle more than 10,000 products, including resin raw materials, additives, and plating chemicals.

We are focusing on the technologies of our customers and developing new areas.

3 Color and Processing Business

This business started from the dye business, which is the root of the company’s foundation, and consists of four components: information printing, functional color materials, functional films, and polymer products.

To cover a wide range of business, we are discovering business opportunities in Japan and overseas.

4 Polymer Account Division

This business provides packaging materials and machinery and equipment to domestic and overseas consumer electronics and electronic businesses.

We have experienced staff in Asia Pacific at each location, and we are also working to expand our business strategically.

5 Electronics Business

We provide a variety of services to the electronics industry, including processing materials, optical lenses, and electrical conductivity.

We are building an international supply system to meet the needs of domestic and overseas industries.

6 Functional Resins Business Division and Precision Processing Materials Business Division

Group companies that form the core of our manufacturing functions provide synthesis and compounding technologies to a wide range of industries, including the electronic components industry.

We also handle parts required for automobiles and aircraft, so you can see how diversified our business is.

7 Information Technology and Energy Business Office

This business provides the technologies and mechanisms necessary for a smart society.

We also supply electronic materials necessary for next-generation communications and fuel cells necessary for a low-oxygen society.

8 Mobility Solutions Business Unit

We are developing environmentally friendly services globally.

We provide technology for parts needed to reduce the weight of automobiles and materials needed for automated driving.

9 Life & Healthcare Products Division

We support beauty and health from the perspective of enriching people’s lives.

We handle everything from beauty products such as whitening agents and moisturizers to bulk pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products.

10 Food Ingredients Division

We are engaged in everything from proposal to production in order to contribute to a richer life through food.

We manufacture food materials and functional materials.

11 Nagase R&D Center

The Nagase R&D Center is a business that conducts research on themes necessary for contributing to society, and pursues issues ranging from health to environmental problems.

By introducing the latest research results, the center aims to create value through collaboration with everyone from educational institutions to suppliers.

12 Nagase Application Workshop

This business is engaged in evaluation analysis and development experiments in the field of plastics and coatings.

Staff with specialized skills pursue the functionality of materials.

13 New Value Creation Office

The New Value Creation Office is responsible for planning and developing the business of the group companies into each business for execution.

Japan is lagging behind the rest of the world in development and research in IT and AI, so we are working on development to solve this problem.

14 NAGASE Biotech Office

We possess technologies related to research and development and production of microorganisms, fermented products, and enzymes.

We are also working on providing technological value and developing new materials.

Strengths of the company

Our strengths include a well-balanced business portfolio and 60 manufacturing companies.

We also have offices in 30 countries around the world, enabling us to do business internationally.


chemical Japanese stock

  • Now is a good time to buy.
  • The dividend yield is average and not unreasonable.
  • Diversified business with global reach

This is a summary of Nagase & Co.

Investment is your own responsibility. Investing is your own responsibility, so make your own final decision after referring to various opinions.

Please stay tuned as I will continue to provide information on Japanese companies in the future.

Thank you for reading to the end!