【Second half of 2021】 Now’s the Time? to Build a Japanese Stock Portfolio with 500,000 Yen


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For those of you who’ve been researching stocks to start a new investment lately!

Do you want to achieve optimal investment results within a maximum amount of money?

I’ve created a portfolio for those of you who find it hard to cover all of the many stocks out there!

In this article, we have tried to combine Japanese stocks that are attractive for long-term investment within the range of 500,000 yen, so please take a look at it for yourself.

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Contents of this article
  • A Japanese stock portfolio for 500,000 yen

The author has been investing for three years and has experience in the securities industry.

This article will help you build an optimal portfolio!


A Japanese stock portfolio for 500,000 yen

Japan stock buy

I have created a 500,000 yen Japanese stock portfolio based on the stock price as of mid-October 2021.

1 Arconix

商社機能と製造業を融合する非鉄金属の総合企業 | アルコニックス株式会社
商社機能と製造業を融合した非鉄金属の総合企業 アルコニックス株式会社

Arconix is a trading company that deals in non-ferrous metals and has a wealth of business partners in more than 10 countries overseas.

The rare metals the company deals in are used in a wide range of fields, including the smartphones and electric cars we’re all familiar with in our daily lives!

In my opinion, this is an industry that will continue to grow in demand as the world’s population increases.

For more details about Arconics, please refer to the following article.

2 Takara Leben

株式会社タカラレーベン コーポレートサイト

Takara Leben is a company that deals in the sale of condominiums and real estate developed by the company.

Compared to other stocks, the investment amount is low, making it a good choice for beginners.

The company also has an office in Vietnam and is expanding its business to Southeast Asia.

For more information about Takara Leben, please refer to the following article.

3 Scroll


Scroll is a mail-order company that sells cosmetics and apparel, with a large percentage of its business going to individuals.

It is also a stock that has a high capital adequacy ratio and a dividend that is gradually improving.

The company has also entered the e-commerce market, which has been growing in demand in recent years, so we can expect growth in the future.

For more details on the scroll, please refer to the following article.

4 Itochu Enex 200 shares


Itochu Enex is an energy trading company in Japan, providing a stable supply of fuel and gas.

The company’s dividends and earnings are strong, and we can expect business expansion in the future.

As an affiliate of ITOCHU Corporation, the company has a strong base of operations and a sense of security.

For more information on Itochu Enex, please refer to the following article.


Japan stock buy
  • 1~3 are purchased with 100 shares.
  • Buy 200 shares for #4.
  • Limit orders are recommended.

I have introduced a Japanese stock portfolio that you can build with 500,000 yen!

Investing is a personal responsibility. Investing is your own responsibility, so make your own final decision after referring to various opinions.

I will continue to provide useful information on investing, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for reading to the end!