【Red Bull Flugtag】 Watch a free event in Sydney that everyone can enjoy!


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I’ve studied abroad in Sydney!

The energy drink Red Bull is one of the most famous products in the world, isn’t it?

Did you know that the company holds various international events?

The Red Bull Flugtag that I participated in was one of the most popular events and there were a lot of spectators!

In this article, I’d like to introduce the event and the Sydney competition.

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Contents of this article
  • What is the Red Bull Flugtag?
  • Countries that have hosted the event in the past
  • The 2018 Sydney event

Experienced studying abroad in Sydney for a year starting in 2018. Now I am writing a blog based on that experience.

By reading this post, you’ll get to know about the Red Bull event!


What is the Red Bull Flugtag?

Red bull event Sydney

The Red Bull Flugtag is one of the events organized by Red Bull, where people compete to fly a human-powered airplane over a distance.

The weight of the planes is limited to 150 kg, and they often jump into the sea from a 9-meter-high pier.

Each participant brings their own unique airplane to the competition, so spectators can have some fun too!

Since this is an event that spectators and participants enjoy, the planes don’t fly very often.

Since its inception in Austria in 1992, the event has expanded to take place in more than 30 cities around the world.

Countries that have hosted the event in the past

The United States is the most common host, with events held in more than 20 states.

This has been followed by major European countries and Cape Town in South America.

Asian events are less common, but have been held in Hong Kong and Japan.

The 2018 Sydney Games

Sydney has hosted the event twice.

Let me introduce the 2018 tournament that I watched.

I happened to discover this event on social media the day before, so I decided to go.

The day of the event was sunny and cloudless, the perfect temperature for the event.

Many spectators walked one after another to the event site.

At the entrance, there was this thing!

Sydney red bull event

I was able to see what kind of teams would be participating.

Sydney red bull event

At the launch pad, the most exciting part of the event, there was a huge crowd of spectators and a lot of excitement!

Sydney red bull event

Each of their personalities shone through, and it was very engaging!

It was great fun to see the participants with a sense of humor.

I hope this event will be held again in Japan in the future when the pandemic is over!


Sydney red bull event
  • A world-famous event that you should visit at least once.
  • A lucky event to be able to watch!
  • Looking forward to future events in Asia!

This is an introduction to the Red Bull Flugtag and the Sydney event!

I’ll be posting more information about Australia in the future, so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading to the end!