Which explains why I decided to write an article about Australia!


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I’ve studied abroad in Sydney!

As you can see in my profile, I have studied abroad in Australia, and I have actually traveled there once before studying abroad, so I would like to explain why I decided to write an article about it as well.

I hope it will give you some ideas before you study abroad or travel.


Why did I decide to write an article about Australia?

Australia Syndey

As it turns out, when I was preparing to study abroad, I found it difficult to find information about Australia because it was scattered all over the place.

I decided to write an article because I thought that if I could create a coherent source of information, it would be useful for people who are planning to study abroad or take a working holiday.

For this purpose, I have introduced a wide range of realities in terms of preparation for studying abroad, local safety, sightseeing, and food.

Of course, this is my own personal perspective, but I am writing this article with the hope that it will help ease your worries.

Next, I would like to tell you how I came to know about Australia.

How I first heard about Australia


I first came to know about Australia during my high school graduation trip, and before that I had only heard of the country’s flag.

When I actually went there, I was surprised by many discoveries and surprises, and I still have fresh memories of that time.

For example, the three-dimensional feeling of the Opera House and the size of the Harbor Bridge when I saw them for the first time, I have countless memories.

Going to Australia for the first time


The destination of my high school graduation trip was Sydney, a trip of five nights and six days.

It was in November, and it was winter in Japan, but in Australia it was summer, which I remember as a strange feeling.

We went sightseeing at the Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay, and took some commemorative photos.

There were three things that left a particularly strong impression on me, and I would like to share them with you.

1 Farm experience

We stayed at our host family’s house for one night and had a farm experience.

The time was short, but we had a chance to observe the sheep in the prairie with our own eyes!

At that time, I saw that some of the sheep were gathered in one place, but I couldn’t ask why.

I later found out that I was eating lamb for dinner that time, lol.

I learned the importance of being grateful for every meal at that time.

2 The story of Pinchgat Island

Before Pinchgat Island was invaded, it was called Rock Island by the Aborigines until the British fleet came.

However, it was leveled by convicted laborers from England around 1840.

The island has since been fortified, and the cannons point towards the Opera House.

The island is now being used as a restaurant.

I would like to go there if I have a chance.

3 Chinese food I ate in Sydney

I will never forget this incident because the food was so bad and had such a strong impact on me.

Actually, I knew what to expect as soon as I walked into the restaurant…

I saw fish that were supposed to be swimming in the aquarium, but they were floating and dead.

Also, the tank was very dirty and stagnant.

The appearance of the food that came out was fine, but the taste was really bad …

It was the most disgusting food I’ve ever tasted, so you should be careful when eating Chinese food in Australia.

And the second time in Australia


The second time I went to Australia, I took a language course in Sydney, the same city as the first time.

I chose Sydney because it is the largest city in Australia and it is very convenient.

I have good memories of interacting with people from many different countries during my study abroad.

Although it was only for one year, I was able to travel to various cities in Australia, and I will introduce them as needed.



I will continue to write about Australia with the hope of giving back to those in need what I have gained from this experience.

I’ll keep sending out information that will be useful to you all, so please stay tuned!