Is Australia a good choice for language study? An experienced student explains 3 reasons!


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I’ve studied abroad in Sydney!

What do you think is the most important decision you have to make when you study a language or go on a working holiday?

That’s right! Which city to go to?

I had no idea which city to go to, but I chose Sydney and it was the right choice!

I will explain why I recommend Australia by comparing Sydney and Melbourne.

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Contents of this article
  • Why Australia is a good choice for language study
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in Sydney
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in Melbourne

I experienced studying abroad in Sydney for a year starting in 2018. Now I am writing a blog about my experience.

By reading this post, you’ll get to know why Australia is the right place to study language!


Why Australia is a good choice for language study abroad programs

1 Good safety

safety sydney

One of the first things to think about when studying abroad is whether it is safe.

It depends on the region, but there are places in the U.S. that are not safe.

On the other hand, Australia’s security is better than other English-speaking countries, so I recommend it.

Of course, there are dangerous areas in any country, so you need to be careful.

In fact, the following is a list of places to be careful in Sydney.

2 You can learn British English and American English

English Sydney

I didn’t know about this before I studied abroad!

In Australia, there are British immigrants and American immigrants, so you can learn both kinds of English.

Also, the language schools in Australia have multinational teachers, so you can work on your listening skills!

In fact, more English is used than British, so you can gradually get used to it.

3 You can interact with people from many different countries


Australia has been a multicultural country since the convicts were transported from England to Sydney, and after the era of White Australiaism, Australia became a multicultural country.

As a result of this background, Australia actively accepts immigrants.

In fact, the family in my homestay house came from Indonesia as immigrants.

In addition, the country is well known worldwide as a language study destination, so people from many different countries come to study here.

Looking back on my study abroad experience, it was a very valuable experience to be able to interact with people from various countries.

The following article introduces how to make friends in Sydney, which I practiced.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying in Sydney

Advantages 1 Compact city and easy to live in


Sydney is accessible by a single train from the airport to the city.

In Melbourne, on the other hand, you will need to take a bus to get to the city.

Also, as the largest city in Australia, there are many stores crowded into the city.

In my opinion, it is the best city for those who want to live a lean life.

2 Easy to find a job

job Sydney

As the most populous city in Australia, Sydney offers more job opportunities than any other city.

If you are not choosy about your job, you may be able to find one quickly.

There are many job opportunities, especially in restaurants, so it is a good idea to work while you study.

The following article explains what you need to know about working and part-time jobs in Australia.

3 Enjoy nature while in the city


Sydney has many parks and places where you can barbecue in the city.

Also, within 30 minutes of the city, you can be at the beach!

Especially Bondi Beach and Manly Beach are very famous in Sydney, so you should definitely go there.

If you want to know more about Manly Beach, you can read about it in the following article!

Disadvantages 1 Prices are high


The biggest disadvantage is that prices in Sydney are very high.

On average, a lunch at a restaurant can cost $15~20 Australian dollars.

Dinner can cost more than that.

For this reason, many international students try to save money by cooking for themselves.

I came to study abroad with no cooking experience, so I had a hard time cooking for myself at first, but by the end of my study abroad, I naturally like with cooking.

I thought that I could discover unexpected skills through cooking for myself.

The hourly wages for part-time jobs are also high, so you can save money while saving money.

2 You may be more likely to meet people from the same country


Since students come from all over the world to study languages, it is highly likely that you will meet people from the same country.

However, the ratio of students varies from language school to language school, so make sure to check if you want to improve your English as much as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of studying in Melbourne

Advantages 1 Easy to get around the city


In Melbourne, streetcars run through the city.

And within a certain area, travel is free!

Also, there are many streetcar stations, so it’s a convenient way to get around.

I couldn’t get the streetcar to work at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it very convenient!

2 Enjoy the culture of art and cafes

Cafe Australia

Melbourne is said to be the birthplace of cafes.

Therefore, I think it’s a great environment for those who want to learn about artistic culture as well.

Walking around the city, you can enjoy stylish cafes and art.

And if you take advantage of a working holiday, you can even get some work experience at cafes!

Recommended places in Melbourne are introduced in the following article.

3 An environment where it is easy to concentrate on your studies


As a tourist destination, Melbourne has a wide variety of activities, but they are often located in remote areas.

This makes it easier for you to concentrate on your English studies and improve your language skills.

It is a place where you can study hard on weekdays and play hard on weekends.

Disadvantages 1 The temperature changes rapidly.


Melbourne is very cold, especially in the morning and at night.

It is hot during the day, but at night, the temperature can drop drastically, making it easy to get sick.

So it’s a good idea to carry a jacket with you at all times so you can cope with the changing temperatures!

2 The possibility of meeting people from the same country as you


As a popular study abroad destination, people from all over the world come to Melbourne to learn languages.

Therefore, the chances of meeting people from the same country are high.

Try to use English as much as possible and do not speak your native language.

That way, you can avoid the mistake of not improving your English much.

3 Prices are a little high


Although not as expensive as Sydney, Melbourne is one of the most populous cities in Australia, so it is more expensive.

There are many restaurants that cater to tourists, so eating out all the time can be expensive.

In order to keep your expenses down, it is recommended to cook for yourself or buy food at the supermarket.



  • Australia is a great place to learn a language.
  • Sydney is expensive, but easy to live in.
  • Melbourne is artistic, but beware of the temperature change.

This is a summary of why Australia is a great place to learn a language!

I hope you were able to control the differences between Sydney and Melbourne.

I’ll be posting more information about Austria in the future, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for reading to the end!