【Shocking】 Why you shouldn’t go to the fish market in Sydney?


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I’ve studied abroad in Sydney!

The Fish Market is a famous tourist attraction in Sydney, but if you go there with high expectations, you will be disappointed.

The Fish Market is a famous tourist attraction in Sydney, but if you go there with low expectations, you will be disappointed.

However, it is easily accessible from the city of Sydney, so it attracts many tourists.

I would like to explain why it is better not to have high expectations from a Japanese perspective.

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I studied abroad in Sydney for one year from 2018. I am currently writing a blog based on that experience.

By reading this post, you’ll get to know about Sydney Fish Market!


What is the Sydney Fish Market?

Sydney fish market

Founded in 1871, the Sydney Fish Market is the third largest fish market in the world.

It is also the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and the market has a high percentage of seafood from the waters around Australia.

Some of the fish you may not have seen before, so if you are interested, you should go there.

Sydney Fish Market
  • Access: 1 minute walk from Wenntworth Park light rail station
  • Address: Corner Pyrmont Bridge Rd &, Bank St, Pyrmont NSW 2009 Australia
  • Opening hours: Daily 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Types of stores inside

Sydney fish market

Inside the fish market, you will find a variety of stores, including restaurants and bakeries.

You can even see the fish stocking up close.

There was a very huge crab in the water, so I took a picture of it.

Sydney fish market

There is a terrace where you can see the ocean and eat seafood and other dishes.

The oysters were delicious, so we ordered some.

Sydney fish market

They were very large oysters, but I don’t eat oysters very often, so I didn’t know if they were good.

I was invited there by a friend out of curiosity, but I’m not really a seafood person…

Anyway, I’m curious, so again I went with the flow and did some sightseeing.

Next, I’ll write about why I don’t recommend the fish market without any discernment.

Why I don’t recommend the Fish Market

1 The prices are too high

The first thing that surprised me was the price of the seafood sold.

Even an average Japanese like me knows the standard price of fish.

That’s why I was surprised by the high prices.

Is it because Australians don’t eat much fish that the prices are so high?

Or are they just trying to rip us off?

2 Seafood is not fresh

When I was sightseeing, I had sushi for lunch, but the fish was not fresh and did not taste good.

The fish was not fresh and did not taste good. I paid a lot of money for it even though it was not good, so I felt like I lost money.

I knew then that I should not eat sushi abroad…

3 The people working there are overseas Chinese

Until I went to the market, I thought it was run by Australians.

However, when I actually went there, I found a lot of Chinese characters.

And the people working there were all immigrants from China, so I couldn’t feel any Australian originality.

That area is also close to Chinatown, and I think the rights to operate the market were probably bought out.

As I keep saying, Australians are not in the habit of eating much fish, so they may have given up the right to operate the market.


Sydney fish market
  • If you are interested in sightseeing in Sydney, you can go there at least once.
  • It is better not to expect too much.
  • The quality is not as good as seafood in Japan

I’ve explained why you shouldn’t go to Sydney Fish Market!

Stay tuned for more information about Australia in the future.

Thank you for reading to the end!