The Amazon of the tool world! When is the right time to buy MonotaRO Corporation?


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Have you ever heard of the term “blue ocean” which refers to an untapped business?

The company I’m going to introduce here, MonotaRO Corporation, is the embodiment of this term!

This is because MonotaRO is a company that has streamlined the procurement of materials, which used to be difficult.

MonotaRO uses the Internet to sell 450,000 materials to meet the needs of the workplace.

Let me introduce you to the company and when to buy the stock.

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Contents of this article
  • When is the best time to buy MonotaRO Corporation?
  • What is MonotaRO Corporation?
  • Company’s Business
  • Company Indicators and Performance
  • Three recommended investment trusts for inclusion!

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By reading this article, you’ll learn about MonotaRO Corporation!


When is the best time to buy MonotaRO Corporation?

Japan stock

In conclusion, I think it is a good time to buy when the stock price falls below 2300 yen.

This is because the company’s financial results since the stock split in March 2021 have been good, and the stock price has been firm.

Looking at the stock price for the five years to 2021, the stock price has risen significantly since February 2020.

Since the business performance is also increasing year by year, the stock price may exceed 3000 yen in the long run.

What is MonotaRO Corporation?

モノタロウ 企業サイト

MonotaRO Corporation was established in 2000 by Sumitomo Corporation and Granger Corporation of the United States.

After an experimental operation mainly in the Kansai region, where there are many factories, the company expanded its business to cover all of Japan.

The company supports various businesses in streamlining their material procurement through the Internet.

The company has been in business for 20 years and has been actively expanding overseas, including India and South Korea, as quickly as possible.

Business of the company

当社事業について | 個人投資家の皆様へ | IR情報 | 株式会社MonotaRO

Our business is mail order sales of factory indirect materials for businesses.

By using the Internet and information technology, we are working to improve productivity and the work environment of our customers.

Monotaro’s Strengths

Low cost and efficient sales by utilizing the scale and database of mail order. 

Transparent, fair and easy-to-understand prices based on the one-price principle

Convenience realized by an assortment of 18 million items and 450,000 items in stock

Private brand products and our own imported products provide reliable products at reasonable prices.

MonotaRo HP

Company Indicators and Performance

Japan stock

The following is a summary of MonotaRO Corporation’s main indicators.

PERPBRDividend yieldDividend payout ratioEquity ratio
68.6 times21.96 times0.48%32.4 %57.5%

We can see that the dividend payout ratio is 30% and the equity ratio is high.

業績ハイライト | 業績・財務情報 | IR情報 | 株式会社MonotaRO

Other indicators are high, but the company is steadily expanding its business performance.

It’s on a clean, steady rise in each category!


Shareholder Benefits

株主優待情報 | 株式・社債情報 | IR情報 | 株式会社MonotaRO

Shareholders receive a special benefit of 3,000 yen worth of the company’s products for every 100 shares held at the time of the December vesting.

In order to obtain the benefit, shareholders must hold their shares for at least six months.

If you hold 100 shares for three years, you will receive 5,000 yen, and if you hold 100 shares for five years, you will receive 7,000 yen worth of products!

Three recommended investment trusts for inclusion!

Investment trusts can be started with a small amount of money, so even beginners can start with peace of mind.

In addition, you can diversify your risk by saving money every month.

I have selected investment trusts that MonotaRO Inc. is included in, and that settle once a year, for your reference.

  • Leos Capital Works Hifumi Plus
  • Mitsubishi UFJ International Asset Management eMAXIS Slim Global Equity (All Country)
  • Nissay Asset Management Nissay JPX Nikkei 400 Active Fund (Asset Growth Type)


Japan stock buy
  • Efficient sales of materials to businesses
  • Expanding sales network in Japan and overseas
  • Gorgeous benefits for long-term shareholders

In this article, I’ve introduced MonotaRO Corporation and the time to buy the company!

MonotaRO Corporation is a company that uses the Internet to sell materials to businesses.

MonotaRO Inc. is a company that uses the Internet to sell materials to businesses, helping them work more efficiently in the field with new business that has never been done before in materials procurement.

The company has been steadily expanding its business, and I believe it has a bright future.

I hope this helps you choose the right stocks.

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