【Personal experience】 Different from Japan? I’ve actually been to an OOTOYA in Taiwan!


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I’ve studied abroad in Kaohsiung!

I know this is sudden, but have you ever been to an OOTOYA in Taiwan?

When I was on a working holiday in Taiwan, I often saw Otoya in the city, but I had never been there.

But I had my doubts about whether they were the same as their Japanese counterparts, so I went and tried one!

In this article, I would like to introduce the differences between Japan and Taiwan and my actual impressions.

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Contents of this article
  • What is OOTOYA?
  • What are the differences between OOTOYA in Japan and Taiwan?
  • I’ve been to an Otoya in Taiwan!
  • Recommended menu
  • How to order and what to look out for
  • Taste of the food

I experienced a working holiday in Kaohsiung for a year from February 2020. Currently, I am writing a blog based on that experience.

By reading this article, you’ll get to know about OOTOYA in Taiwan!


What is OOTOYA?


Otoya was founded in Tokyo in 1958, and at that time it was a restaurant that provided cheap and tasty meals for students.

In 1983, the company began operating as a joint-stock company, and when it adopted the theme of stylish teishokuya, it became popular and grew rapidly.

Today, the company operates more than 300 restaurants in Japan and more than 100 shop in overseas.

In Taiwan, the company operates 32 stores, the second largest number of overseas stores.

What are the differences between OOTOYA in Japan and Taiwan?

OOTOYA Japan Taiwan difference

The first thing to consider is the difference in the way people perceive the stores.

First of all, in Japan, Otoya is perceived as a restaurant where you can casually eat Japanese food.

On the other hand, in Taiwan, it is known as an authentic Japanese restaurant that is a bit expensive.

However, they have one thing in common: in Taiwan, most of the staff can speak Japanese.

I had the impression that many of the staff at the local Otoya liked Japan and could speak simple Japanese.

The biggest difference I felt was the service charge.

In Japan, OOTOYA does not have a service charge, but in Taiwan and other countries, OOTOYA always charges a service fee.

I guess it varies from country to country, but in the case of Kaohsiung, there was a service charge of 120 Japanese yen.

I guess it can’t be helped since Japanese food is so precious overseas.

I’ve been to OOTOYA in Taiwan!

Taiwan Ootoya Kaohsiung

I went to OOTOYA located in the Sanduo Shopping District in Kaohsiung.

It is located on the 11th floor of a department store, and you can enjoy the view while eating.

The design of the store is the same as in Japan, so you can feel Japan while you are abroad.

It’s easy to get to, so I highly recommend it!

Otoya Kaohsiung Dayuan Branch
  • Address: 802 Kaohsiung City, Lingya District, Taiwan, Sanduo 4th Rd, No. 21, 11th Floor
  • Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. daily

Recommended menu

Taiwan Ootoya menu
大戶屋日式料理 - 定食日本料理店,日式豬排丼飯,日式豬排蓋飯

All menu items are popular, but the chicken cutlet set meal is especially popular.

The crispy batter and well-cooked broth are very popular.

The problem with Japanese food overseas is that it is expensive due to cost.

When I went there, there was no Taiwan-specific menu, but maybe there is?

How to Order and Points to Note

You can order while you are seated, so just go ahead and order.

There is nothing to worry about, so don’t worry.

Cash and cards are accepted for payment, and the bill includes a service charge.

Taste of the food

I ordered the Tonkatsu Set Meal!

It comes with rice, miso soup, and tonkatsu.

Does it really taste the same as in Japan?

Let’s try it right away.

The pork cutlet was crispy and tasted just like in Japan!

I guess it tastes the same overseas because they use the same manufacturing method as in Japan.

There was also a good amount, so I was satisfied.


Taiwan Kaohsiung recommend
  • If you want to eat the taste of Japan, I recommend it!
  • There are 32 stores in Taiwan.
  • Price is high

This is summary about Otoya in Taiwan!

The food tastes good, so I hope you will give it a try.

I’ll be posting more information about Taiwan in the future, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for reading to the end!