【2021】 Chichu Art Museum, win Monet’s recipe for madeleines!


Hello everyone. I’m @olivertomolife and I love investing and shareholder special offers!

Benesse’s special offers have a wide variety of products each time, and I think it can be difficult to choose which one to get.

Among them, there is a lottery for products from the Chichu Art Museum, and I’m sure there are some people who would like to choose these products because they are limited edition.

This time, I chose that Chichu Art Museum limited edition madeleine as a special benefit, and I’m going to give you an in-depth look at its contents!

If you’re wondering how to choose Benesse’s special benefits, this is a must-see!

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Contents of this article
  • There is a lottery for special benefits!
  • Lottery Results
  • What is the Mediterranean Art Museum?
  • What is Monet’s Madeleine?
  • Unpacking the gift
  • Details of the gift
  • Thoughts on Madeleines

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By reading this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about Monet’s Madeleines!

The following article is about Benesse’s special benefits that I introduced previously.


There’s a lottery for special offers!

benesse special offers

One of the Benesse special offers that I was particularly interested in was the Monet madeleines.

This is because it said that it was limited to 1000 pieces and there was a lottery.

Since I like the words “limited” and “lottery,” I was naturally drawn in and decided to choose the madeleines.

By the way, there were four lotteries, and only 4,000 people in total could get them.

What was the result of the lottery?

Lottery results

Benesse letter

I was told that if I won the lottery, it would be sent out in about three weeks, but it never came…

Instead, I received a letter.

But it didn’t come… Instead, I received a letter saying that the shipping would be delayed due to a larger-than-expected order.

This meant that I had won the prize at the same time!

I was very happy to have won.

What is the Chichu Art Museum?

The Chichu Art Museum was established in 2004 in Naoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, and is run by the foundation of Benesse’s founding family.

It exhibits the works of three famous artists, including Monet.

The area around the museum is also equipped with accommodations, so you can experience the charm of the island in the midst of nature.

What is Monet’s Madeleine?

Monet's Madeleine

It is a madeleine sold at the Chichu Store in the Chichu Art Museum, with a picture of Monet’s work written on the box.

They are a reproduction of the madeleines that Monet made back then!

It’s nice to receive something as a special offer that you can buy as a souvenir after seeing the work.

Unpacking the gift

Let’s take a look at the package I received.

benesse gift

A small box arrived at my house.

Monet's Madeleine

The box and a notice paper were included in the package.

Monet's Madeleine

It seems that Claude Monet lived in nature and cooked his own food.

These madeleines seem to be made with the recipe from that time.

Details of the special offer

Monet's Madeleine
Monet's Madeleine

There were a total of 10 madeleines in the package.

It seems that they are manufactured by a store called Miyake Shoten Cafe Kobo in Okayama Prefecture.

The products have a short shelf life, so I assume they use only natural ingredients.

Indeed, the madeleines are made of only butter, sugar, and eggs.

Nutritional information per piece
Calorific value146kl
Protein 2.3g
Salt equivalent0.01g

Since it is a western confectionery, the calories are a little high.

Impressions of Madeleines

I’d like to write about my impressions of the madeleines.

Monet's Madeleine

First of all, the surface is baked hard, almost like a financier.

I could feel the flavor of butter.

Monet's Madeleine

When I broke it in half, it was yellow, and I could feel the goodness of the egg material.

When I ate it, the insides were soft, just the right amount of sweetness, and delicious!

It was a good decision to choose this special gift.

If you’re having trouble with Benesse’s special offers, give it a try!


Japan stock
  • Madeleine is a museum-only product
  • If you are not sure about the special benefit, I recommend it.
  • If you are lucky, you can choose twice a year.

I introduced Benesse’s special benefit, Monet’s Madeleines!

Please stay tuned as I will continue to provide useful information for your investment.

Thank you for reading to the end!